ABC's of Dog Breeding

What Every Breeder Should Know!


By Claudia Waller Orlandi, Ph.D.

Claudia is excited to join forces with the American Kennel Club and support the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program.  H.E.A.R.T. stands for Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility & Tradition. 

The American Kennel Club has taken an important step to lead the way in providing a program which promotes the breeding of high quality healthy dogs through breeder education.

With that in mind, Claudia  granted exclusive rights to the American Kennel Club for the use of the ABC's of Dog Breeding. 


The ABC's of Dog Breeding is now offered as a free download in a two part course through the American Kennel Club Bred with HEART Education Program.

A hard copy version of the ABC's of Dog Breeding is also available for sale at the AKC Online Store.  The Link below will take you to the AKC Website Breeder Education Program.

A Home Study Program for Dog Breeders

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program takes a practical, step-by-step approach to the art and science of breeding by focusing on 7 key tools and concepts. These include (1) genetics, (2) breeding systems, (3) pedigree, (4) selection, (5) anatomy, (6) kennel blindness and (7) genetic defects.

The goal of the ABC’s of Dog Breeding is to provide a home study course for dog breeders by gathering together in one comprehensive program the “need to know” information from the fields of domestic animal breeding and canine genetics.

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program consists of three components: a textbook, a series of workbook exercises and a deck of flashcards. The complete soft-cover publication totals 470 pages.


ABC's of Dog Breeding Seminar


The ABC's of Dog Breeding Seminar complements the Home Study Program and is sponsored by the AKC & Canine Health Foundation.  The seminar, online & home study programs are suitable for club structured breeder's education and appropriate for breeders of all breeds of dogs. 

The ABC's Seminar is an introduction to topics covered in the Home Study Program and explains many of the practical genetic breeding principles that can benefit breeders of all breeds of dogs.  Included in the seminar is an optional hands-on workshop with live dogs on how to  estimate forequarter & hindquarter angulations.  Easy to use measuring tools are part of the workshop. 

Claudia is currently living in Spain for part of the year, while maintaining her breeding program here in the United States.  She is presently working on a narration of her popular seminars, which will be available on the AKC education website. 

Below is a sample of topics which are discussed in both the seminar and the home study or online program.  In addition to discussing the genetic principles of animal breeding, the ABC’s of  Dog Breeding also addresses many of the most common misconceptions that have been handed down from dog breeder to dog breeder. Breeders may fail to reach their full potential in part because they are basing breeding decisions on flawed rules of thumb.


Breeders Toolbox

1. Genetics

2. Breeding Systems

3. Pedigree
4. Selection

5. Anatomy

6. Kennel Blindness

7. Genetic Defects


For more information regarding the ABC's of Dog Breeding, either the seminar or the home study program, please visit the ABC's Website.