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Basset Hound University is designed to provide schools of learning in which courses of interest are available to owners, breeders and judges alike. 

BHU is dedicated to preserve our breed's past and future experiences and legacies and to educate current and future fanciers. 

How does BHU work?

The University is designed in a manner similar to that of correspondence schools where you can learn at your own pace in your home.

How are the courses in BHU designed?

The University Courses are designed to use a workbook approach, some with quizzes and some with flash cards to facilitate learning.

How is BHU set up, and what courses are offered? 

Basset Hound University is divided into a system of "schools".  The divisions are listed on the right. You are invited to explore each "school", regardless of your level of experience

Basset Hound University's goal is to provide practical home-study education programs in all areas of interest to Basset Hound fanciers and in so doing, help carry forth the mission of the Basset Hound Club of America. 

Can you tell me more about the history of Basset Hound University?

For more information on the history of Basset Hound University, Click Here

If you live with a Basset Hound now or are thinking of getting one, this is the place to start.

Bassets are capable of participating in many activities such as tracking, hunt performance tests, scent work, rally and obedience.  This is the school for you if you would like to learn more about these activities.

If you currently breed Basset Hounds, or are considering  becoming a breeder, this school has been designed for you.  You can obtain a deeper understanding of the breed, it's standard and the art and science of dog breeding. 

This is the school for you if you are currently a judge of Basset Hounds or are considering becoming a judge.  It is also appropriate for serious breeders who wish to expand their understanding of the Basset Hound.

Pick up tips and advice from experts in the Basset Hound breed, whose combined years of experience totals over 250 years! This  is a series of Powerpoint and DVD presentations.