Welcome to the Voices of Experience Seminar Series

Produced at the 2008 BHCA National Specialty in Plano Texas, the BHCA Member Education Committee hosted their first Basset Hound University "Voices of Experience" Seminar Series. 

The below seminars may be viewed online (slow download).  For those that weren't there, this series allows you to enjoy the day that was filled with discussions on breeding, grooming, conditioning and showing the Basset Hound.

Pick up tips and advice from experts in the Basset Hound breed, whose combined years of experience totals over 250 years!

Pictorial History of 7 Basset Hound Breeding Programs

Narrated by Claudia Orlandi, Ph.D.  Kennels included are Castlehill; Fort Merrill; Foxglen; Hiflite; Lochopt; Sanchu; Topsfield

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Breeder's Round Table

Hosted by Claudia Orlandi, Ph.D.  Participants: Robert E. Booth (Hiflite); Barb Cromley (Lochopt); Scott Deans (Foxglen); Sharon Dok (Castlehill's); Claire Steidel (Sanchu); Joan Urban (Fort Merrill); Claudia Orlandi (Topsfield).

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Grooming and Conditioning the Basset Hound

Presented by Professional Handler, Pat Willer

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Showing the Basset Hound

Tips on Socializing, Conditioning, Training and Handling.

Presented by Bryan Martin, Professional Handler, Scott & Betsy Deans (Foxglen) and Sharon Nance (Bobac).

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We hope you enjoy the "Voices of Experience Series".